Product Quality :

Ox Bovine Hair On Hide

Design Code :

LHH 4078

Color :

Black Silver Divore

Product Description :

These Hides are Imported Hair On Hides and it has very soft touch and makes your feet feel relaxed. Being 100% Leather, the soft hair of the hide makes it extremely soft for your feet. These collections complement many styles. These gives luxurious feel to your rooms.

These hides are simply attractive! A very rare combination of Hair with metallic foil. Acid Washed are becoming more and more popular. Acid wash is applied to the hide in preparation and a different metallic color like silver, gold, blue, green; etc. is then transferred to provide a unique and classy look.

Add these rugs to your living room or use it in a bedroom to instantly add style and comfort underfoot and make them look luxurious.

Material :

Hair On Leather

Size :

3.0 - 3.5 SQM